November 10, 2013

A Matter Of Sleep

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It’s a king. A king-sized bed. Big. Lots of room. And there I was, sleeping on one little sliver. It was time to conquer the bed.

Dave was no small man. And I don’t like anyone touching me while I sleep (don’t judge – maybe I’m claustrophobic.) So there was never much of a decision to make. The bed had to be a big one. Now, you’d think after a year without Dave that I would have figured out how to take full advantage of my “new” space. Not so much. Night after night, day after day, week after week, I was sleeping in one small portion of the bed. I decided to change my sleeping habits. Seriously, do you have any idea how hard that is?

I started by inching toward the center one night. But then I realized that our two bodies had made indents in the pillow top, creating a small hill in the center of the mattress. Okay, maybe not a hill, but it felt like it in the middle of the night. And no, my mattress isn’t more than ten years old. And yes, I know you’re suppose to change your mattress every eight years, like the commercial says, but I figure it takes nine years to remember to check how old your mattress is and then another year to actually get around to buying a new one. So, if mine is under ten, then I must be okay. A simple solution (though not really simple because it’s a two-person job and required me to enlist the assistance of my son, who really wasn’t interested in helping at that moment) was to rotate the mattress. Done.

Then I started inching toward the center. Again. It was kinda nice. Spacious, even. I slept well. And then morning came and I was too far away from my alarm clock to hit the snooze button and that really, really, really irritated me. So, I went back to sleep while my alarm was blaring. And I over slept.

Then I decided to angle my feet and legs in toward the center, keeping my head and arms close to the edge. Full utilization of the bed. Sleeping at an angle. Hands close to the snooze button. Win, win. Not so much. Apparently I was invading the dog’s territory at the foot of the other side of the bed, so he was up and down and bouncing around all night long. And I overslept.

Then I decided that I really didn’t need to conquer the bed. Not everything has to change. The dogs are happier this way. And I’m not oversleeping quite so much. And coming to the realization that not everything has to change was the real win, win.


  1. sunnyjane said,

    I have a king bed too. Mark and I would each have our own indents – and we’d come together for middle of the night *snuggles* but for the most part sleep separately. My new guy and I however, sleep on a twin sized portion of the bed because he snuggles me *all* night…. it’s only when I leave the bed that he moves back over to the rest of it.

    When he’s working nights… ahhhh blessed room again.

    But I get the weirdness of sleeping in a bed that’s too big for one person.

  2. Marti Ashcraft said,

    Brings tears to my eyes knowing the pain you go through daily. My heart aches for you and your kids. I hope you feel the “air hugs” from me. Love you❤️

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