June 10, 2013

Water, Water, Just Like Me And Some Advice

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Note to reader: I noticed that my last few posts have been the down-in-the-dumps kind of posts. I promised I’d do my best to try to find the humor. It’s not always easy. Challenging, some might say. I’m not going to apologize, but this week I decided to tell you a story, provide some potentially useful advice, share an epiphany, and (maybe) make you smile. Not in that order.

Note to self: Don’t forget to buy the Homeownership For Dummies book.

Somewhere in the middle of our kitchen remodel, after dinner one evening, I was cleaning the kitchen. Yes, we clean the kitchen after every meal. Usually. Sorta. Anyway, I was running water in the sink and had just turned the dishwasher on when I heard a yell from the basement, “Turn off the water, something’s leaking.” So, I turned off the water (left the dishwasher running) and headed downstairs, thinking it’s probably a dishwasher hose not connected tight enough. And that doesn’t make much sense, because not only would the dishwasher hose not leak in the basement, but I left it running. At least, I don’t think a dishwasher hose would leak in the basement. Maybe it would.

As I hit the last step and turned the corner, I could hear what sounded like a waterfall. A big waterfall. A big waterfall with a lot of water. A big waterfall with a lot of water pouring out of the ceiling. A big waterfall with a lot of water pouring out of the ceiling from my kitchen above. A big waterfall with a lot of water pouring out of the ceiling from my kitchen above and into my laundry room. A. Lot. Of. Water.

Since I’m not a total idiot, I knew that I needed to shut off the water before I could deal with the water. I went directly to where I thought the water shut off valve was. It wasn’t there. I didn’t think those things could move by themselves. But it was gone. Or was never there. So the next logical move was to start to panic just a little. I yelled at my son to help me find the stupid shut off valve thingy. We tried a couple of options. Nothing worked. I was beginning to think the house didn’t have a water shut off valve and headed upstairs to grab my phone to call in the experts (e.g., big brothers.) As I was sprinting away, I yelled to my son to “keep looking.” His response was something to the tune of, “You’re the homeowner. You’re supposed to know where these things are.”

Well strike a match and watch the temper blow. Mine. How dare he, right? As I was yelling screaming in response, “My [bleepin] husband just died! How, exactly, do you think I should know all of this [bleepin] [bleep]?” As if he didn’t know that my husband, his father, had recently died. And that’s when it hit me. The epiphany. I realized at that moment that my son was just like me. Because that’s exactly what I would have said at exactly that same moment. I would have said it a little more under my breath, though.

Three calls later and I finally got one of my brothers on the phone. We were about twenty minutes into the ordeal at this point and had figured out that the leak was coming from the copper pipe/hose that connects to the fridge for the ice maker. Or something like that. Apparently, when you move your refrigerator in and out (because you’re remodeling and it’s a small kitchen and the big thing is always in the way), you can easily rub a hole in that pipe/hose thingy, or whatever it is. And a LOT of water runs through that hose thingy.

Another thirty minutes later and my big brother had driven to my house, shut off the water, pulled the old hose, gone to the hardware store to buy a new hose, and put it back in its place. Okay, maybe forty-five minutes. Crisis over. Thank God for big brothers.

Guess what? THE WATER SHUT OFF VALVE WAS EXACTLY WHERE I THOUGHT IT WAS ALL ALONG. Yep. Just hidden a little. Actually, hidden a lot. But, in the same place.

And here’s my advice: If you know where your water shut off valve is, go find your spouse or significant other and show them where it is. If you do not know where your water shut off valve is, go find your spouse or significant other and ask them to show you where it is. If you live alone, call your brother and ask him where it is. For Pete’s sake, don’t go to sleep tonight until you know where the water shut off valve is! I beg of you! That, and don’t stick Q-tips in your ears.


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  1. Jean R. said,

    Wow, what an experience! I never would have thought of a refrigerator as the source of water in the basement. I have, however, located all the turn offs in the basement and put big tags on them so in case of an emergency I can find them easily. When you don’t have a man around you do have to know stuff. I could use a sump pump for dummies book.

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