November 3, 2012

The Top Eight Positives

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Somewhere along the way I learned to look for the positive within every negative. There’s always a bright side. A learning experience. A good within the evil. A light at the end of every tunnel.

So, I put my Pollyanna outlook to the test. What could possibly be positive about becoming a widow? It took a while. I could only come up with eight. And my brain hurts now. But, here they are:

8. My Music 24/7.
Dave was a lot country. I’m a little bit of everything else. Well, all except rap. And screaming that’s passed off as music. And . . . the point is, I don’t care for country music. At least not most of it. At one time, Dave and I had resorted to creating a play list for the car that included the exact same number of selections from each person. It seemed to solve the problem, until I caught him skipping past all of my songs.

7. No Ruckus Over The Remote.
It has to be a guy thing. The need to control the control. I’d have to beg to “borrow” the remote. For a minute. Or two. He who holds the remote holds the power?

6. Garage, Here I Come.
Another guy thing. “You can do what you want to the inside of the house, but don’t touch my garage.” Hmpf. My de-clutter skills could do a number on that garage. And they will. Soon.

5. Food. Glorious Food.
Him = steak. Her = not so much. Him = fried. Her = grilled. Him = iceberg lettuce. Her = no iceberg, please. No more disagreements over what to eat.

4. Breathing Room For My Clothes.
One. Full. Closet. To. Myself. Need I say more?

3. Big Bed. Little Person.
This is really a positive thing for the dogs. They have taken over the other side of the bed. I don’t hear either of them complaining. So that must be a good thing. For them.

2. The Toilet Seat!
I can’t seem to find the words to add to this one. Just doesn’t seem necessary.

1. A Renewed Appreciation For Life.
And the number one positive aspect to becoming a widow – I have a renewed appreciation for life. It’s short. It’s precious. It’s worth our full attention. Our respect. Our love.

Kind of a wimpy list. At least there’s something, right?



  1. Cathie said,

    Thank you. For reminding us that what we have to complain about is really not so much. Every day life is what we all strive for. Can I come over and hog your bed and leave the toilet seat up? You are an amazing person and an amazing writer…..keep it up…. stay with it…. thanks for sharing…. 🙂

    • Debbie said,


      You can fight the dogs for the bed. And you’re always welcome to come by and leave the toilet seat up. Thank you for you!

  2. Jean Anderson said,

    Not a wimpy list at all!!!! A wonderful, blessed list that I would share with at least one, no, make that about 5 recently widowed friends! Thank you so much, and know you are in my prayers, along with the five friends I know “in person”!

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