October 28, 2012

Creepy or Comforting?

Posted in Shock tagged , , , , at 5:00 pm by Debbie

In honor of the upcoming day of spookiness . . .

True story.

After running some errands one evening, I returned home to find my two sometimes-we-still-pull-childish-stunts adult children had sprayed a “natural” mosquito spray in the closed garage. The garage was in a fog, infested with a sick mint stench that I’d swear had been fermented with nuclear waste. I left the garage door open to fumigate and save us all.

A few minutes later, my daughter and I were in her room (upstairs, above the garage) and heard the garage door close (it could use a jolt of WD-40, so the sound carries well). We assumed my son had just gotten home. I went downstairs to ask him something only to find that he wasn’t home. But the garage door was, indeed, shut. I chuckled, assuming he had forgotten something and had turned around and left again.

When my son got home, I asked him what he had forgotten. His bewildered look prompted me to explain that we had heard the garage door close earlier in the evening. He assured me that he had not been back to the house.

So, best guess is that one of my (all elderly) neighbors walked into my garage, hit the close button and ran, past two cars parked snugly, back out the door without triggering the recall motion sensor on the electric door? I dunno. I doubt it.

Let me just add that my husband would have chastised me for leaving the door open with just my daughter and me home. He was a country boy living in what he perceived to be the city. No doors were ever left unlocked unless I’m the one who left them that way.

So, after adding it all together, I can’t decide if it’s creepy or comforting. . .

What do you think?



  1. Lynne said,

    Take it from me….you are given signs……just watch! You’ve just gotta believe!!!!!

  2. Eddie said,

    maybe it was some driving down the road, trying to see which houses their remote would open??

  3. Marti said,

    I’ll always go with the positive. He’s with you 24/7 ❤

  4. Natalie said,

    I think I would choose to beleive and take a hint as well and change the code just in case Eddie was right!

  5. Natalie said,

    But look I can’t even spell so maybe you shouldn’t even listen to me!!!!

  6. I would bet my life on it that your angel was watching over you!! I had many same occurences:) I would vote for “Very Comforting!”

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